Is Your e-Juice Damaging Your Vape?

Is Your e-Juice Damaging Your Vape?

E-juice is a necessary component of vaping but not all blends are created equal.  Some blends burn smooth and taste fabulous while others just mess up your coils and create a greasy mess.  Successful vaping has everything coming together perfectly, but if you have the wrong type of e-juice not only does your vape start to taste bad but it can actually do damage to your vape pen and drip tip.  Let’s look at the different types of e-juice and find out if your e-juice is damaging your vape.

How Thick is the e-Juice?

There will be some of the e-juices out there that will leave gunk all over your coils.  That can happen for a couple of reasons, the flavor, the amount of vegetable glycerine in the mixture and how it is made.  When it comes to flavors there are a plethora of different ingredients that are used some of them leave behind a lot of residue.  Here is a look at the residue and how you can clean it.

Perhaps the biggest culprit in messing up your coils isn’t the flavoring but it is the ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin.  Vegetable glycerin is much thicker so it tends to leave behind more residue on the coils.  You can get e-juice with ratios of 30:70 or 50:50 but that is going to depend on the type of e-juice you prefer.  Having a higher concentration of vegetable glycerin is what give vapers that big puff of smoke many of them like.  On the other hand, having more propylene glycol gives better flavors.  If the flavor is what you’re after then you may not have to clean the coils nearly as often.  It really is personal preference.

Your Vape

The type of vape you’re using is going to make a difference too.  The tank where your e-juice is stored can make a difference if you have a bigger tank you are probably not seeing many issues at all.  Plastic tanks can get cracked and that can cause you a bunch of problems, but if you invest in a glass or stainless steel you won’t have those kinds of issues.  Some tanks are far easier to clean than others and that makes a world of difference.

If you’re unsure about the type of e-juice you are using or if it is your vape pen then your best bet is to talk to the sales staff at your local smoke shop.  They are going to be the most knowledgeable about the products they carry and if there are any issues.

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